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「小佳碧玉 pieces of jade」是一個來自台灣的跨領域實驗性生活品牌。

以「尋寶」的概念為主軸,走訪台灣各個城市,搜集逐漸消失的在地工藝與罕見材質 ; 並將在地文化考究融入設計紋理,轉化為生活中簡約舒適的雋永單品。而每一件獨一無二的商品背後,是一個個充滿溫度的故事以及人文底蘊,希望能讓大家在這個快速消費的時代,感受到小佳碧玉平凡又深刻的老派浪漫。


Pieces of Jade is a multidisciplinary experimental lifestyle brand from Taiwan.

With the core concept of "treasure hunting", we visited cities in Taiwan, sourcing craftsmanship and rare materials that are disappearing, and transforming these heritage into timeless pieces combined with comfort, style and ethic. 

In an era of hyper-consumption, we hope our simple, sophisticated, and detail oriented aesthetics can provide you inspiration for living, adding a touch of comfort in your everyday life.

⼿⼯訂製服裝 Handmade, bespoke clothing line

我們採訂單式手工製作。當我們收到消費者的訂單後,裁縫師將立即進行製作。剪布、打版、車縫、整燙、繡花、包裝,按服裝的工序複雜程度,約需等待15-20的工作天。服裝剪裁以包容更多不同⾝型的樣貌的unisex 風格為主,運用從世界各地搜集來的材料,我們希望能以不張揚的簡約風格結合恰到好處的設計巧思,成為你歷久彌新的生活伴侶。

We provide a made-to-order, handmade service for our products. Once our tailors receive orders, they immediately start the process of pattern making, fabric cutting, sewing, ironing, embroidering, packaging, which usually takes about 15 to 20 working days depending on the complexity of the designs. Our designs include a wide variety of styles that are all inclusive of all body types. Using materials that are sourced from all over the world, our unique unisex focused designs will never go out of fashion.


Home & accessories





While society benefits economically from constant technological progress, traditional craftsmanship and artisanal skills however are gradually fading away.

At Pieces of Jade we want to revive these precious heritage of Taiwnaese crafts, by bridging the gap between traditional techniques and modern designs through collaborations with local artisans.